Bicycle rental in Riga

This year we are set to see more bicycle rentals being used by tourists in Riga, so what to look out for and how much should you be paying for bike rental?

We mainly use our bikes for specially designed bicycle tours and routes but when we are asked to help people out with bicycle rental, we will try our best to manage with our bikes or either send them to our friends at the Kaleju iela bike store – who this year are offering city rental prices as competitive as the Baltic Bike system. From 6 – 7 lvl a Day you can hire a bike!

We offer nice dutch city bikes, our friends down at the Kaleju iela bike store, offer a range of mountain bikes and Baltic bike are offering pick up and drop off bikes which are reasonable for the ease of use and comfort. The only problem with the pick up and drop off bikes if you burst a tyre, you do not have a shop to return it too for repairs! Just a call out number – may not be so good if you are in the middle of a forest!

Just get in touch with us about bicycle rental in Riga – we will try our best to supply you with one of our bikes or one of our bicycle friends in Riga’s bicycles. Happy riding and enjoy the summer!

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