Exciting news about Bike Tours and Bike Rental in Riga 2013

So the new season of bicycle tours and rental in Riga is almost upon us. Even if spring has not yet emerged, new and interesting developments are happening in Old Riga. This year Riga Bike Tours is changing in a big way!Bike Rental Shop in Riga

We are no longer just about tours, although once again we will be offering our popular daily tours at 12oo and 15oo, starting up in May, as well as private tours around Riga and to Jurmala. This year we have grown to become Riga Bike Tours and Rental with a new dedicated office and some new bikes to go with it.

More information about our new space, and how you can rent a bike in Riga for a few hours, a day or even a few weeks, will follow shortly, as will the low down on our new bicycle tours for 2013. But for now we’ll leave you hanging, like the bike wheel above, and first of all show you the new bikes we’re offering for long-term rental, the perfect bicycles for trekking around Latvia and the Baltics. Check out the next post to see for yourself….

Bike Rental

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