A New Bike Path in Riga

Bicycle Routes in Riga are, to say the least, minimal. This causes us here at Riga Bike Tours and Rent to get very excited when there is the slightest hint of development in Riga’s cycling infrastructure. This year there has been a couple of exciting developments. One of those is the proposed bike path from Old Riga to Kengerags and Salaspils.

Bike Path in Riga

Whilst only one section of the bike path has been completed so far, by next summer it will hopefully link with another cycle path in Kengerags, in the south-east of Riga. This will allow Riga’s cyclists to follow the Daugava river from the Old Town, all the way to Salaspils.

The cycle path development was part of a bigger project, to construct a promenade south-east along the river from the Esplanade and to redevelop the Spikeri area and link it with the river. The newest bike path in Riga begins just under the rail bridge and runs along side the road until it joins with the promenade and currently ends by the Island bridge. The riding is a little more scenic if you instead ride along the promenade, and pedestrian activity is still not very high.

In the last nice days of autumn, we set out to explore this new bike route, as well as the islands Zakusala and Lucavsala and the soviet-era TV tower. Check out the gallery below for some of the pictures we took that day. Be sure next year to come and visit our office and join a Riga bike tour to discover this new bike path, or rent a bike in Riga and explore on your own.


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