Kemeri National Park by bike

Ķemeri National Park is a large area to the west of Jurmala. A low lying region, it has a few large lakes in swampy surroundings. Beautiful and perfect for bird-watching, the large area of  Kemeri is best explored by bike from Riga. 

Bike in the Kemeri National Park

How to get to Kemeri National Park, really depends on how much riding you want to do. From Riga a 20km ride will take you to the centre of Jurmala. It is then another 20 km to arrive in Ķemeri, in the centre of the National Park.

The faster way, is to take the train from Riga Central Station to Ķemeri, around a 1 hour trip that costs just under 2 €. Don’t forget to buy a ticket for your bike as well, it should be 1/3 of the ticket price.

To the south of Kemeri train station is a section of the swamp with a wooden boardwalk. It is a long walk from the train station, but by bike should take no more than 20 minutes. Once there, you will need to lock your bike at the beginning of the boardwalk, and make the 3.5 km loop on foot. Impressive at any time of year, in warmer months there will be berries growing and many migratory birds nesting in the swamp areas. Just don’t leave the boardwalk, or you may end up waist-deep in the swamp.

To the north of Ķemeri, there a number of trails leading through the park. This are shown on maps available in our bike rental shop in Riga. Ķemeri also has some interesting sights, mainly a Russian Empire era hotel and park, that became a rehabilitation centre in soviet times and whose future is now the subject of much public debate.

To enjoy a Kemeri day trip and to rent a offroad mountain bike or a sturdy city bike for the journey, then come by our office. Day rental will cost 10 € a bike, plus we’ll provide you with a toolkit in case of any emergencies and a helmet and maps as required.

Bike in the forest

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