Additional Equipment for Bike Rental in Riga

We provide locks and helmets free with all rentals. For those going long distances, we provide simple repair kits to help solve and small problems you may have on the road. Other equipment is available for rent from our shop, check out below what we offer.

Rear Pannier Bagspannier bag image

  •  Ortleib 20 L rear bike bags.
  • Waterproof, adjustable to fit most racks.


Handlebar Bagshandlbar bag image

  • Ortleib 6 L bags.
  • Waterproof, handlebar mounted.


Children’s seatskids seat image

  • Frame or Rack mounted.
  • Can carry up to 25 kg.


Helmetshelmets image

  • Children’s, small and large sizes.
  • Free with bike rental.


Camping EquipmentRent camping equipment in Riga

  • Compact, lightweight 2 person tent.
  • Sleeping mats.
  • Camp stove set.


  • Can be fitted to any bike upon request.
  • Measures ride speed, distance, and time.


  • Heavy duty, safe locks.
  • We want our bikes back, so we don’t give small easily cut cable locks

Rent your bike bags, children’s seats and of course rent a bike in Riga from us. As we have a limited number of items available, contact us to prior to your visit to Riga to make a reservation.