Riga Beach Bike Tours

Grab a towel and some sunscreen and pack a picnic, as some of Latvia’s most beautiful beaches are only a short ride from the centre of Riga. A Riga Bike Tour to the beach is the healthiest and most enjoyable way to reach the sandy beaches of the Baltic sea.

Riga to Jurmala Bike Ride           Vecaki Beach Bike Tours           Bike Tour in Jurmala

A Riga Bike Tour to the Beach is a fantastic way to spend your time in Latvia. On the ride to the beach you’ll pass through some interesting parts of the city, places that not many tourists see before riding through some diverse nature and finishing at a stunning sandy beach where you can swim, sunbathe, eat, drink and relax to your heart’s content. Choose between riding back or taking the train home.

Our two Beach Bike Tours offer very different perspectives of the city and the countries beaches. By far the most popular is our Riga – Jurmala Bike Tour, a two hour ride to the best-known and most developed beach in Latvia. Alternatively, the Riga – Vecaki Bike Tour will take you through the interesting northern suburbs of Riga to a quieter, more natural beach.

We can also organise a Jurmala Bike Tour, starting and finishing in the city by the sea, to fully explore this beautiful area by bike.